Collectif Pearl Coat: Mixing Vintage with Repro

The Pearl Coat by Collectif has been my dream coat since it was first released in 2013. It’s so luxurious with faux fur and true 1930s style glamour. The timing and my budget never quite aligned for me to be able to buy it however and ultimately I received it as a gift from my wonderful parents for my 21st birthday last December. With my seasons being opposite to the UK I first tried it on in blistering heat and it has been waiting in my closet ever since for some colder weather.


That time came in May when the wonderful Harry of Raab Imagery was travelling through Bathurst and we organised a shoot. Harry also has a passion for vintage, currently specialising in recreating vintage styled photography, and I’ve loved working with him in the past! The photos featured in this post are honestly my favourite photos of myself and I really enjoyed using locations in my home town.

Just to give you an idea of fit I ordered a size 8 and am 33in bust and 25in waist. The 8 is quite fitted, only one layer can fit comfortably underneath but I personally prefer coats tighter. It’s incredibly high quality, fully lined and just feels expensive and glamorous to wear.


Knowing that the pearl coat is 1930s inspired I wanted to keep true to that period in my styling. I used a 1930’s suit with pearl button detail and I was surprised by how well the colour palette works. This outfit is typical of my style, there are elements of both vintage and reproduction. The coat and shoes are repro and the rest (save for undergarments!) are actual vintage, particularly the hat, gloves, suit and fur.

PicMonkey CollageCoat – Collectif
Suit – Vintage The Naked Bud
Shoes – Victory Theatre
Hat – Vintage Victory Theatre
Gloves – Vintage (gifted)
Necklace – Grandmother’s
Fur – Vintage (gifted)

To finish I would like to show you my favourite from the shoot. To me it looks like it’s actually a street fashion photo from the 1930s and Harry masterfully constructed the shot to achieve this. It also features my vintage hat box which my parents gifted me a few years ago. I take it to almost every shoot because it’s very handy storage and also doubles as a prop!


Thank you again to Raab Imagery!
x Mahalia Jane


7 Comments on “Collectif Pearl Coat: Mixing Vintage with Repro

  1. Darling, you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen! I just adore everything you post! And this outfit, my oh my, I just can’t express how good is this to me! You left me speechels!

    • Thank you! I’m actually really short myself and was worried about the same thing. I’ve been told I’m about 5’3 or a little taller so the heels do help. I found its not an everyday coat so I wasn’t as worried about being swamped. Honestly I love it so much that a little extra length couldn’t stop me, plus it’s very fitting to the style! Hope that helps ❀

  2. You look amazing! And this perfect suit! I wish some day collectif pearl coat also will be the part of my retro wardrobe. Best regards. P.s. love your instagram account, now i discovered your blog πŸ™‚

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