Hello fellow vintage lovers!

You’re probably here because of my instagram and I feel I may already know some of you through photos, likes and comments. Instagram is a little limited so I want to share more of myself and hopefully get to know more about you all too!

My name is Mahalia – fun fact – my dad actually named me after the daughter of his favourite singer Jimmy Barnes. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Business Management, with a joint study in tourism, in my home town (in which I’ve lived for my entire 21 years!). I also work part-time just to stress myself a little more – at a local bakery and as a tour guide at historic Abercrombie House. In my spare time I’m a game of thrones nut, watch plenty of horror movies and shop.. a lot.

I was first introduced to 1950s fashion four years ago at my favourite local vintage store the Naked Bud. The owners have since become very good friends and will no doubt feature in future posts. I love the feminine style, uniqueness and of course the history that comes with vintage and often being able to meet the people who used or wore the things I love.

Although I shudder to look at my old style (particularly the eyebrows) I think it’s fitting to show you all how vintage and pinup has changed me.

I started wearing vintage as it allowed me to cover a skin condition on my legs and even if that changed tomorrow my style wouldn’t. So hopefully I’ll continue to have plenty of new (old) things to share with you here!

x Mahalia Jane


3 Comments on “Hello fellow vintage lovers!

  1. Hi!! I love your pictures on instagram!! I want to start wearing all these vintage pieces but I haven’t been able to make the transition. I have a couple of outfits but they just sit in my closet. I don’t normally wear make-up, skirts, or heels, so I don’t feel comfortable yet. I basically look like your old picture right now. How did you transition? Thanks!!!

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