Collectif Pearl Coat: Mixing Vintage with Repro

The Pearl Coat by Collectif has been my dream coat since it was first released in 2013. It’s so luxurious with faux fur and true 1930s style glamour. The timing and my budget never quite aligned for me to be able to buy it however and ultimately I received it as a gift from my wonderful parents for my 21st birthday last December. With my seasons being opposite to the UK I first tried it on in blistering heat and it has been waiting in my closet ever since for some colder weather.


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Hello fellow vintage lovers!

You’re probably here because of my instagram and I feel I may already know some of you through photos, likes and comments. Instagram is a little limited so I want to share more of myself and hopefully get to know more about you all too!

My name is Mahalia – fun fact – my dad actually named me after the daughter of his favourite singer Jimmy Barnes. Read More

Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve had grand plans for a blog for over a year now and as I’m coming to the end of my uni degree I feel like I finally have the time to get started.

I’ve seen so many fabulous blogs run by fellow vintage lovers and while it’s inspiring it’s also daunting. I’ve been introduced to so many lovely people through Instagram but I feel I can only share a tiny portion of what I love there. Also being from a small town I’m considered a bit eccentric so I’d love to branch out and connect more with the community.

I will be sharing about my road to vintage style, my collection and how I add to it, events I attend, vintage inspiration and anything else I feel you all might enjoy!

x Mahalia Jane